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Weather now. Is going to rain
26 years ago
Spot smtg? Yes, i knew this is scary to everyone and i wish i may jz wear any kind of shoes that i like. But the fact is hallux valgus symptom (we called it bunion) was accompany me since childhood and i suspect my gyrama shoes was one of the reason caused it uncomfortable. Those who knew me were talk about my odd foot. When it was raining i felt pain,swollen and imflamed. My skin over the angled joint then tends to rub on the inside of shoes. Therefore i changed shoes frequently. Wearing tight or badly fitting shors is wrost. And my foot is become wide that it can b difficult to find wide enough shoe.  If getting wrost there is surgery needed. I need to get some treatment before it going wrost and second toe bcm deformed. Now i reveal my scary leg facing this problem although everybody envy of my long leg but girls, r u aware that i’m need perfect good looking and healthy foot like u in my life? Girls may wear heels but absolutely that’s not me. I can hearing everyone shock asking:”why your foot look like this?!!!!” beside smirk there is ntg worth reply from me. So, girls appreciate what you have and stop complaning not tall enough. In fact, girls look attractive, sexy and glamarous in high heels. This is how i wish i may be part of it to enjoy the fame too. No one is perfect.
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